“Education and the meaning of life”: Conference with Prof. Dr. Marcelo L. Cambronero


Cycle “La Edad Virtual: vivir sin sentido [The Virtual Age: To live without meaning]”.


We will review the basic elements of education in order to try to understand how we can develop a better educational path for students and for our children. Do we educate for personal development, to aquire skills, to better adapt ourselves to work? Do we do this all at once? What is the most important, and how do we understand and communicate it? This is the challenge.


Thursday, February 20
Centro Cultural Nuevo Inicio, Plaza Alonso Cano, nº 1
7:00 PM
Organized by the Asesoría de Formación del Profesorado de Religión (Cep-Granada)
Free entrance with prior registration (Tf. 958 216 323). Seating is limited.



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