Conference: "Me desconecto luego existo [I disconnect, then, I exist]."

The Edith Stein Philosophy Institute is organizing a cycle of public conferences featuring philosophers oriented towards academic work as well as intellectuals that have influence in our country's cultural world.

It happens to your children, your students... right? But not to you? Addicts to cell phones, to tablets, to screens... 

We are proud to present the conference with Prof. Dr. Isidro Catela Marcos, author of the book “Me desconecto luego existo. Propuestas para sobrevivir a la adicción digital [I disconnect, then, I exist. Suggestions for surviving digital addiction]." Intelligent, clever, insightful: Isidro Catela will immerse us in a space of freedom in which we don't need to put the screens aside - it is enough to look at them only when we decide to.

Wednesday, February 12
Place: Assembly hall, Nuevo Inicio Cultural Center, Plaza Alonso Cano, nº 1
Time: 19’30 h.

Don't miss it!


Isidro Catela

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