Faculty Publications

heitere-philosophieJosef Seifert
Heitere Philosophie

theodicyJosef Seifert
Does the Reality of Evil Disprove God's Existence?: An Essay in Theodicy

Christian Philosophy and Free willJosef Seifert
Christian Philosophy and Free Will

der-widersinn-desJosef Seifert
Der Widersinn des Relativismus

bevezetes hivatas filozofiajabaMátyás Szalay
Bevezetés a hivatas filozofiájába

the icon and the idolArtur Mrówczyński Van-Allen
Between the Icon and the Idol. The Human Person and the Modern State in Russian Literature and Thought—Chaadayev, Soloviev, Grossman


ecce homoAaron Riches
Ecce Homo: On the Divine Unity of Christ

true loveJosef Seifert
True love

filosofia cristiana libertaJosef Seifert
Filosofia cristiana e libertà

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